The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift Box Ideas

With Valentine’s Day coming up everyone wants to give a perfect Valentine gift box to their special someone that represents the love and care they hold for them. However, finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift box to do just that can be hard so here’s ideas that will help make finding the perfect gift easier.

Classic Bundle Set

As simple as flowers can be, it’s a nice way to show love and appreciation to a loved one. Venus et Fleur has the perfect flowers to do just that. The luxurious handcrafted floral arrangements will leave a lasting impression on your loved ones. The Classic Bundle Set is an elegant gift that includes three beautiful pieces. The two pieces out of the three are flower arrangements, Le Mini Rounds and the Le Mini Square. The third piece is a candle of your fragrance of choice out of the options, Rose Blanche, Nube Toberose and Rose Oud. The set is fully customizable making this gift touch your loved one’s hearts by the thoughtfulness put into it. You are able to customize the set, making it more unique and fitting for the person receiving the Classic Bundle Set.

Champagne Life Luxury Gift Basket Company

As shown above, a gift basket can be perfect when you want a variety of different items to give your loved ones. Champagne Life Luxury Gift Basket Company has the perfect Valentine’s Day gift basket ideas. The baskets include a variety of items that ranges from alcohol and snacks of your choice. The gift baskets are customizable, allowing your loved ones to feel the thoughtfulness put into the gift. Champagne Life Luxury Gift Basket Company does an amazing job bringing your vision to life and communicating with customers with their excellent customer service.

Rosso Valentino Lipstick Set

If your special someone is a makeup lover the Rosso Valentino Couture Lipstick Set would be an excellent gift. The couture lipstick set includes three lipsticks that are different in color. Additionally, the lipsticks also have features that make them unique compared to others. One of the lipsticks include the feature of allowing it to be refillable and the other two are color refills. The lipstick colors include a red shade, and two natural shades. The uniqueness of the Valentino Lipstick Gift set is what makes it a good gift for this Valentine’s Day.

Belgian Chocolate Bento Box

Chocolate and wine can be the perfect gift on Valentine’s Day. Harry and David offer a gift box, the Belgian Chocolate Bento Box with Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon. It’s the perfect combination of wine and chocolate. The box includes a bottle of wine and fruit and almonds covered in the decadent chocolates that range from Belgian milk, dark and white chocolate. All the wonderful flavors put together will make your loved one feel special.

Cartier Les Collections De Parfum Set

For perfume lovers, the Cartier Les Collections De Parfum, would be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift set. The elegant gift set includes three perfumes that are from the prestigious Les Heures Voyageuses collection. The three perfumes consist of the Oud resin, which is a historical ingredient used by Cartier. The fragrance of the three bottles includes Oud and Pink, Oud and Amber and Oud and Santal. The elegance of the collection is what makes the perfume set a perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

Dior Garden of Dreams Set

If your loved one is a self-care and beauty enthusiast the Dior Garden of Dreams Set will be the perfect gift box. The gift box includes five items which are three Dior fragrances, the Gris Dior, Sauvage Eau de Parfum and J’adore I’Or. The other two items are a crème, the Rouge Dior and Dior Prestige La Crème and a Dior lipstick. Without a doubt, this gift box does the job of checking everything off on the list since it includes everything in one.

Rare Peace Deluxe

 Having self-care days is essential. Let your partner know you know that this Valentine’s Day by giving them a spa day gift box. The Rare Peace Deluxe gift box by Rare Assembly is the perfect spa day gift set. It includes everything one may need for a peaceful self-care day. The luxe products include body oil, cashmere and wool socks, imported Italian lip balm, exotic scented candle, chocolate bars and more. This spa day gift box is everything one may need.

Core Collection Trio

For candle lovers, the Core Collection Trio by Hotel Lobby is the perfect gift set to give. The trio expands the five star ‘hotel at home’ experience and creates a peaceful living space. The candles included are Linen, Signature and Spa. Each of them has their own unique fragrance making this gift special.  With this in mind, Linen is inspired by fresh hotel sheets and gives a sandalwood scent; Signature is a memorable scent that will make your loved one’s days special; Spa is a calming scent and Zen inducing due to the eucalyptus. These candles are great since all three give a different experience while creating a peaceful environment.

Pajama Gift Box

Everyone loves having a set of comfortable pajamas that they can lounge in. That’s why the Pajama Gift Box by Tartan Blanket Co., is the perfect valentine’s day gift. Give your partner something comfortable to lounge in and have a relaxing night with your choice of items included in the gift box with the pajama set of your choice too. The items of choice can include cashmere socks, books and other pampering luxury items. The whole gift box is customizable making it more personal.

New York Blooms Valentine’s Day Gift Box

Nothing says Valentine’s Day more than red roses, wine and chocolates. The New York Blooms Valentines Day gift box has all three in one. They make it easy to show your love and appreciation for your partner with simple gifts that mean so much. The box includes a bouquet of eighteen red roses that comes in a sleek designer rose box. The box includes assorted truffles and two bottles of wine. You can personalize this gift more by adding more items like a plush animal or more chocolate or wine. Also, to make the gift more special they also offer to add a greeting card and a message. Lastly, the company offers same day gift delivery so whether this gift is last minute or planned out it’s the perfect Valentine’s gift box for your loved one.