Urban Outdoor Luxury Begins with the Right Grill

Summer is made for al fresco dining and lazy afternoons relaxing on a deck or patio. A change in cooler temperatures doesn’t need to restrict the great pleasure of outdoor grilling. In fact, during football season, your patio can be turned into a luxurious apartment tailgate space while watching the game with family and friends.

For grilling aficionados, outdoor kitchens and grills are a must-have feature whether a tabletop grill or a full multi-grill standalone kitchen with sinks, burners, cabinets and refrigerators to create the most festive and luxurious experience for their guests. For city dwellers, outdoor entertaining spaces are highly coveted and scarce, so homeowners want to make the most of their outdoor entertaining spaces for as long as they can throughout the year.

grillA rooftop deck or enhanced patio outfitted with great grilling equipment, lounging furniture and gardens can provide the feel of a country or suburban backyard. As the season changes to cooler temperatures, the minor addition of a gas fire pit, tabletop or standing heater or a stack of cashmere wraps can extend the grilling season even until the first sign of snow.  Thoughtfully planned design and furniture can help create a special entertaining place reminiscent of both a countryside summer garden and a cozy wintertime cottage that still provides a comfortable balance to the stressors of city life while adding value to your home. In urban markets, a rooftop deck may return up to 150 percent of the enhancement project costs in resale value, especially in moderate climates, where homeowners can enjoy their deck year-round. Not only that, real estate agent, Lauren Davis, The Lauren Davis Team, Washington Fine Properties, LLC attests, “Many of today’s buyers are willing to pay a premium for a home with a well-designed, livable outdoor space as it adds to functional square footage.”

While a fully functional outdoor kitchen may fit well in a suburban setting, that doesn’t mean the outdoor living movement is reserved only to those with more square-footage or that you can’t enjoy a good cookout. Urban outdoor living for those in the city is on the rise as well and can be just as luxurious with the use of smaller grill units made specifically for balconies and smaller patios that can be enjoyed en plein air all year.

A great option for urban grill masters is an electric grill which can accommodate any space in any season, heats up fast, is easy to clean, and you don’t need any fuel, just a nearby outlet. The new Electric Grill from Coyote Outdoor Living, is an indoor and outdoor table top Electric Grill which turns any outdoor space, large or small into a true outdoor living environment. For those who can accommodate more space, Coyote also manufactures a broad range of grilling and storage solutions, secondary cooking options, and refrigeration units to enrich the lives of any outdoor cooking aficionado.

According to interior designer, Kerrie Kelly, ASID, “A rooftop patio is truly one of the joys of living in the city. Whether you enjoy al fresco meals lounging in the sunshine or s’mores fresh off the grill under the stars and a blanket, the ‘above it all’ views give a unique perspective to get away from it all.”