The Rolls-Royce Ghost

The Spirit of Ecstasy still knowingly guides the way on the 2020 Rolls-Royce Ghost. But the esteemed lady is set back on top of the hood, and gliding through the elements, her emergence appears to rise from the cleanse of a crystal, clear body of water. An apparition obviously in mind, no fear stood in the way, and the latest in installment has definitely delivered on the call letters.

The engineers did have help, though and were led by those who knew best. Clients of the original Ghost provided feedback on their unique set of values, divergent interests, and changing taste patterns. So the specs eventually coming into place, an illuminated Grille starts by standing in complement to the Spirit, and day or night, the divine glow means the vehicle never stops boasting its proud identity and legacy. There’s no chance either that bystanders will be confused when the Ghost does a flyby. The Rolls-Royce logo defies centrifugal force, and always remains upright by utilizing self-righting wheel center caps. Of course, nothing says RR like the world’s most refined engine. The next generation 6.75 litre twin charged v12 revs up the torque and has the muscle to handle any payload.

Nonetheless, brute force isn’t everything so the workhorse is also light on its feet. All wheel steer kicks in and allows the automotive specter to maneuver the tires in opposite directions. So on the bend, challenging curves can be executed at lower speeds, and the increased agility puts a real enough grip on the road. But just in case the driver gets away ahead of themself, the system automatically defaults to its co-steer state. In turn, the synergy ensures that any lateral movement will proceed with the proper caution.

Unfortunately, the bumps in the road are there for everyone. However, an advanced Planar Suspension System makes due. Wheel vibration is isolated, absorbs the vibration, and on the level, drivers can stay focused regardless of the terrain. The passengers also along for the ride, the new custom built aluminum chassis also does a number on a journey that hums steady, smooth and silent. “The Magic Carpet Ride sensation elevates like never before,” asserts the Rolls-Royce webpage.

Still, even though the Ghost can easily put a driver’s head in the clouds, the engineering makes sure their feet are still on the ground. Camera-assisted Pedestrian Recognition continually keeps tabs on the foot traffic and also adjusts dampers as needed. Ghost keeps the cover of dark in hand too. Laser Headlights instill confidence with a visual range of 600 meters. English to metric or not, that’s double the typical LED range and ten fold over convention lighting

The exteriors thus ensured, a step inside is almost second nature. The iconic coach doors oblige to the touch, and once set in motion, the automatics take over. Ghost like, it’s almost like a trusted chauffeur opening the doors and offering their dutiful care. The aura obviously continues at the seat of all the occupants collective pants. Matte and open pore veneer grace the interior, while the illuminated, high gloss dashboard will startle with its mesmerizing craftsmanship. On the other hand, the beauty of the interface is more than skin deep. The modern touchscreen display puts the intuitive, expedient, and refined control at your fingertips. But this Ghost has no problem going old school. A handcrafted analogue clock with minimalist veneer strikes every moment in style—just like the rest of the vehicle.

If you are keeping time, though, the outside world is well within reach. Wireless charging, four USB-C ports, and Apple Car Play are all present and leave the office and family on the hook. Hopefully, the Champagne Cooler takes precedence, and celebrating with a sip, goes down a lot easier when a set of the world’s finest crystal glasses are onboard. In moderation, of course, the occupants are soaring in their seats either way. In other words, the riders won’t have far to go to reach the sky. The headliner radiates with 850 shooting stars, and the virtual ricochet is pure beauty to behold.

Not air tight like the vacuum of space, the resulting sound effect is pretty close. The Bespoke Audio system matches specific dimensions of the interior and creates a recording studio quality that buffers the outside world. Remarkably, the external noise is all but eliminated. All good things, and to facilitate the break, park assist gives the last respite before returning to the real world. Ghost locates a space that fits, and autopilots its way into the box. Arriving in style, Rolls-Royce stores their iconic umbrellas in the rear doors, and you assuredly exit with commiserate high class. Now at full stop, the natural twinkle above takes over for the shooting stars on the inside, and the journey complete, 2020 Rolls-Royce Ghost has you ready to go.

*The 2020 Rolls-Royce Ghost is available in Parsippany, NJ at Paul Miller Rolls-Royce. For a closer look and more information, head to