The Science Behind The Glow

German aesthetics doctor, Dr. Barbara Sturm, has revolutionized the skin-care industry with non-surgical anti-aging skin treatments that have made her one of the most sought-after beauty doctors in the world. While she began her medical career in orthopedics, she translated science from her clinical research and orthopedic practice into the field of aesthetics, opening her own medical clinic in Düsseldorf. In 2014, Dr. Sturm launched a full skin-care range formulated for those who wanted an uncomplicated yet highly effective regime. Her products adhere to Germany’s rigorous skin-care ingredient laws and are impressively formulated without toxic, aggressive, or harmful ingredients. She has several Boutiques & Spas she’s created to not only deliver her famous #SturmGlow facials but to also educate the public about her ingredient-science approach. Dr. Sturm’s luxury line has over the years caught the attention of many A-listers Including Hailey Bieber, Bella Hadid, and Rosie Huntington Whitely to name a few. This year Dr. Sturm will be releasing new, sure to be cult beauty staples for skin enthusiasts.

How did you get started in the industry?

“I grew up in Germany and my mom, who was a chemist, and my grandmother, who was a pharmacist, took me into the forest to pick herbs and mixed creams for us as children. I learned a lot about ingredients from them. In 2002, I invented a new beauty approach using the patients’ own body proteins.  My patients asked me to create an entire, daily skincare regime and my anti-inflammatory, anti-aging-focused line was born from that request.”

 What do you think really distinguishes your brand from other luxury skincare brands?

“My skincare regimen’s reverence for ingredient science and efficacy is the key differentiator. It is not complicated – when a customer uses my regimen and sees immediate results, they are going to stick with it and tell others. As an aesthetics doctor, I have seen first-hand the permanent damage caused by harsh ingredients and aggressive skin treatments, so my main focus is on educating my patients to heal their skin with an anti-inflammatory approach and boost the skin’s natural barrier function to defend and protect itself from aging, pollution and other external factors. Another distinctive feature of my brand is an emphasis on education. Skin is interesting and complex, and I have been engaging in dialogue for years with my daily patients and the broader public on what the skin needs to function at its best. By educating my patients I provide them with long-term solutions to help maintain healthy, glowing skin.”

 How do you think the overall education of skincare has evolved? 

“I can only speak for my own company. I see an intense interest from the customer in the science of their health and the products they use. This interest allows me to use advanced ingredient science to invent increasingly tailored products and explain to the customer why those products and ingredients work. That’s what the savvy customer wants to know: what ingredients they are putting on their skin and into their bodies, do they work, and why? I have evolved my education approach to now include free virtual masterclasses, an editorial platform called Doctor’s Notes where I feature and interview experts in different fields such as nutrition and sleep, and I also offer my patients virtual consultations for when you can’t go to the clinic or see an expert in person.”

 What products from your brand are you most proud of?

“I get excited every time I create a new product, sometimes even obsessive about the feel and efficacy, so it’s hard to pick just one that I am proud of.

 Simply because of how fundamental it is to skin health; I sometimes call my Hyaluronic Serum the “white t-shirt” of my regimen. It’s a high concentration of low and high weighted hyaluronic molecules that supports skin barrier function and provides both surface hydration and replenishment of moisture reservoirs at deeper skin layers. It also acts as a delivery vehicle to transport active ingredients more deeply into the skin.”

 What can we expect from your upcoming line? 

“I am always inventing new products, and my newest inventions include a Vitamin C Serum called The Good C, and a Super-Anti-Aging Hand Cream. Later this year, I will release some inventions based around some new molecules, and my first device for delivering those molecules. I always reveal my new creations first on and via my newsletter.”

  What is a wellness essential you can’t live without?

“I couldn’t live without my Face Mask. It contains Purslane, an anti-aging powerhouse that helps calm the skin and reduces visible signs of irritation, soothing Aloe Vera, and Chamomile which infuses your skin with moisture. Kaolin Clay detoxifies and leaves your complexion feeling silky soft and supple.”

Dr. Sturm’s Top Tips:

Thorough cleansing, hydrating, exfoliating, and nourishing the skin with nutrient-rich ingredients are essential for any skin regime, and since lately many have spent much more time at home, Dr. Sturm advises we focus on healing our skin in several steps.


  • First, make sure skin stays hydrated. Apply the hydrating Face Mask every day – it can be kept on throughout the day or even left on during the night. 


  • Use the Facial Scrub to help promote the fibroblasts to produce collagen and to gently remove dead skin cells so that your skin can take on active ingredients. 


  • Keep your skin hydrated during the day by using the Hydrating Face Mist or Hyaluronic Serum more frequently, and never forget your Face Cream. (Remember: a serum never replaces a moisturizer).

 “Working from home means that all of us have increased our already high exposure to High Energy Visible light rays (“HEV” light) through the use of TVs, computers, mobile phones, and tablet screens, which penetrate our skin as deeply as UVA and UVB combined, causing premature aging and skin dysfunctions.” – Dr. Barbara Sturm

Fight Daily Damage:

  • Anti-Pollution Drops are essential as they protect your skin, not only against the air pollution that everybody is living in but also from HEV rays. When used daily, the serum also promotes the skin’s natural barrier function and protects against pollution damage.

 Eat & Sleep Well:

  • Get enough sleep, try to eat anti-inflammatory foods such as leafy greens, healthy fats and oils such as salmon and avocado, dark berries, etc., and try to reduce your screen time as much as you can.

 “Our philosophy of skin healing also means we do not use substances and ingredients that are both unnecessary for the skin and may promote inflammation, including artificial fragrance, color, microplastics, and aggressive preservatives.”