Timbers Resorts: A Home Away From Home

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Timbers Resorts: A Home Away From Home

When traveling, whether with a spouse or your whole family, comfort is a very important factor, from location to amenities. Whether you’re booking a stay at a hotel for a long weekend or you’re traveling to your own vacation home multiple times a year, you want the place you’re staying at to feel like home, albeit without the stresses of everyday life. And that is exactly what Timbers Resorts, a leader in luxury vacation residences, rentals, and boutique hotels, strives to do. We recently got a chance to sit down with Greg Spencer, CEO of Timbers Resorts, to get a real feel of how they stand out from the rest.

Timbers Resorts specializes in the complete development, sales, marketing and operations of luxury residence clubs, vacation homes, and boutique hotels and resorts in the most sought-after destinations throughout the world. With their homebase located in the Colorado Rockies, they now have properties everywhere from the beaches of Hawaii to the orchards of Napa and the hills of Tuscany, which has been rated the number one resort in Europe for the past four years by Travel + Leisure. According to Spencer, they’re only just getting started, looking to build in other sought out locations like London and Paris in the near future. But it’s not just the beautiful destinations that make their properties stand out; Timbers Resorts offers the total package the second you step foot in the door, from their world-class service known as the “Timbers Touch” to true authentic experiences.

Timbers Resorts: A Home Away From Home

Castello di Casole, Tuscany, Italy

Depending on which resort you call home, residents and guests are not only indulged with environmentally-friendly and beautiful architecture and art that coincides with the region, but the best in world-class skiing, golfing, restaurants, clubs, and shopping. If staying in with friends and family is more of your style, you are always steps away from an outdoor lounge or rooftop to gather around and relax with your loved ones. “It’s a total lifestyle,” Spencer told me. “You’re traveling to a world class resort, but it’s your unit, it’s a community. People know and have certainty in what they’re going to get. In the world of AirBnB, yeah, it sounds great, but looking at how hard our owners work, they want to know they’re going to get there and everything will be set up, and that they’re going to have a great time the three or four times a year that they’re able to vacation.”

Timbers Resorts: A Home Away From Home

The Sebastian, Vail, Colorado

Aside from their breathtaking destinations and outstanding amenities, Timbers Resorts focuses very heavily on authenticity, both in architecture and experience, as well as smart and friendly environmental practices, which Spencer explained is not only the right thing to do, but exactly what the people who are staying in the resorts are looking for. “We like to have approachable luxury, and we like to be in the heart and spirit of what we do. If you look at our property in Tuscany, there’s 17th century ruins, so we tried to recreate them as they would look back then. We don’t try to be Disney-ish in creating what we think something would look like, though we have gotten modern with some things, and we find that people appreciate that. We teach our staff to see what the people want. If they start speaking Italian and the guests speak English, they’ll speak English. We have ruins from 4 B.C. on our property, and if people want the history lesson, we’ll give it to them, but it depends on if the people want to engage. We’re not going to force you say Aloha in Hawaii! That’s not our consumer and we know that, and that’s how we sell our real estate, we don’t sell by price by square foot, we sell experiences. Where do you want to be during your grandchild’s first skiing or swim lesson? People want those experiences.”

Some of Timbers Resorts most notable properties include The Residences At Kapalua Bay in Maui, Hawaii, Dancing Bear in Aspen, Colorado, Castello di Casole in Tuscany, Italy and Timbers Jupiter in Jupiter, Florida. You can learn more about Timbers Resorts and these luxury homes on their website.

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