Trevor Bell: An Influence in Fitness

Whether you’re new to fitness, or awake at the crack of dawn getting a 45-minute sweat in, keeping a consistent work regime is a daunting task for even the most experienced of gym-goers. In May of 2020, staying fit became even more difficult when the world seemingly stopped. With entire countries shutting down and a virus running rampant, gyms were closed and the overall motivation to stay fit at home withered. Like many people, fitness influencer and model, Trevor Bell was faced with the challenge of maintaining his physique while undergoing one of the most mentally and physically stressful moments of our lifetime. Though not easy, he was able to learn and evolve as a fitness influencer, discovering new opportunities and ways to inspire his community on social media.

Trevor is no stranger to staying in shape and started his fitness career at Columbia University where he participated in dual-sports, football and track. After college, Trevor pursued his childhood dreams of playing for the NFL. He worked out with the Jets and Texans before his pursuits came to an end and he moved on to the corporate world. Though he left football, he stayed invested in his passion for fitness as well as competitive sports. Ultimately he felt unfilled in his 9 to 5 job and was inclined to pursue a career that intertwined his passion for fitness and goal to inspire others. After exploring Instagram, he realized an opportunity for him to apply all his interests into a feasible career. He made the decision to leave his job, stepped up his usual work-outs, and honed in on his skills to develop content that would motivate his social media following. The momentum of his work caught on, shaping his new path in fitness.

At the start of the pandemic, Trevor focused on maintaining the muscle tone in his body as he lacked access to a full gym during the shutdown. He started focusing more on bodyweight exercises and developed personal workouts that would require limited yet accessible equipment, including a jump rope and resistance bands. He recognized the common frustration and struggle of not being able to access a gym had extended to his online following and so he, developed content for those looking to get a great workout without the typical gym machines. Though the workouts helped people stay in shape after a month, their motivation wore off. 

 Airbnb had contacted Trevor with an opportunity on its new Experiences portion of the platform. He taught several group classes, integrated himself into a virtual fitness atmosphere, and realized a community was essential to staying motivated. For anyone looking to be more invested in their health and wellness, Trevor advises being part of a fitness community. He suggests utilizing online resources like Airbnb’s Experiences to elevate motivation and help anyone achieve their fitness goals. 

Other essentials of Trevor’s fitness regime include a healthy diet, mental consistency, proper hydration, and adequate sleep. Having faced certain restrictions during the pandemic allowed Trevor to address gaps in his fitness. He never before thought to incorporate a mind and body connection, which has greatly improved his skills. He has also made a point to optimize his diet for his fitness journey.  He’s become more aware of what he consumes and is more in tune with what his body needs.  

On Instagram, Trevor is constantly posting easy-to-follow exercises for his followers. He’s designed plenty of workouts for those interested in bodybuilding, but also for those looking to simply sculpt and build lean muscle mass. Recently, Trevor has shared no-equipment workouts that he developed when he was limited to working out at home. He hopes he can inspire people to achieve their fitness goals by providing them with effective and do-able content. In the coming year, Trevor aims to elevate his skills and abilities and is looking forward to getting more involved in competitive sports. He has his eye on competitions like the Spartan Race and American Ninja Warrior. He hopes to take things to the next level.