Vanderhall Motor Works: Luxury and Speed Redefined

Dedicated to creating luxuriously unique autocycles, Vanderhall Motor Works has rocked the automotive world with their hand-made, three-wheeled vehicles. Driven towards providing both the driver and the passenger with the same riding experience, Vanderhall Motor Works crafted a combination that meets somewhere on the cusp of a coupe and a motorcycle. Committed to effortless performance, this Provo, Utah based manufacturer focuses on innovation and quality to generate an opulent driving experience.

In 2010 after spending five years working on a prototype, Steve Hall, a former CAD designer at Novatek, founded Vanderhall Motor Works. Hall always had an attraction towards motorsports and gained an education in the automobile industry from owning an exotic vehicle dealership. When building and designing his prototype, he struggled to discover the most efficient and controllable way to create Vanderhall’s autocycle. By transitioning to a front-wheel-drive approach, Steve Hall shook the automobile industry when he presented his prototype to the public, kicking off with the Laguna.

Legally considered a motorcycle, the Laguna sparks curiosity with its desirable charm and modern design. After passing NHTSA testing and EPA certification in 2016, the Laguna, Laguna Sport Premium and the Laguna Bespoke Motoring Experience models were released. Equipped with a 1.4-liter turbocharged engine making 200 horsepower, and 6-speed automatic transmission, this autocycle is for those who love a good thrill and want to do so in style. 

Flash forward a year to 2017, Vanderhall Motor Works introduced the Venice, a simplified model with 180 horsepower. Named after the Venice neighborhood in Los Angeles, this three-wheeled roadster added a single-seater design to the collection. The single-seater, “Speedster” approach to the classic model is complete with a wooden steering wheel to capture the class the Venice possesses. Vanderhall Motor Works’ commitment to effortless performance and passionate drive led their “Speedster” endeavor into the European sales sector, internationally expanding the brand. Steve Hall has a deep understanding of the novelty and excitement the vehicles he created to bring to drivers, contributing to the success of Vanderhall’s vehicles. 

The Venice 2020 model features a cabin expansion of four inches, creating more space and comfort in the front of the vehicle and incorporating a dash of practicality. This new model includes a 1.5 Liter Direct Injected 4-Cylinder Turbo engine, push-button start, cruise control, Machine faced 18” wheels and plenty more detail-oriented tweaks to improve this already incredible autocycle. The Venice has two sleek color options, Poseidon Blue and Vintage Silver Metallic, both of which provide a polished, jaw-dropping exterior.

In 2018, Vanderhall Motor Works unveiled the Edison2, an electric and exclusively black vehicle, offering a 0-60 mph in 4.4 seconds, making it the quickest Vanderhall vehicle. Just as agile and faster than the Venice, the Edison2 features dual AC motors and a 30kWh lithium-ion battery pack but does not sacrifice any of the speed an engine-run vehicle would have. This elegant and modern autocycle is complete with an ABS composite wrapped aluminum frame and diamond-stitched seats, making it a total show-stopper from the inside out. 

“EVs (Electric Vehicles) have amazing performance advantages,” says Vanderhall Marketing Director Daniel Boyer. “Offering an electric powertrain is in line with Vanderhall’s focus on innovative, effortless performance.”

Vanderhall’s most recent release, the Carmel embodies top-tier luxury and class and adds in a little extra convenience and comfort for drivers. Carmel model engines are gas-powered and turbo-charged with direct injection and the 2020 model has eight extra inches of width and a removable capshade, providing a more pleasant journey for riders. The attention to detail does not go unnoticed on this vehicle. A chrome steering wheel and stylish gas cap are just the tips of the iceberg of elegance the Carmel holds. Tan V-Tex interior, a 3” sport exhaust and satin black dead pedals make the Carmel the sexiest, sporty autocycle out there. 

Flooded with charm and class, the undeniably gorgeous Carmel GTS is the epitome of posh. Exclusively offered in a Mesquite Brown exterior, a matching capshade, and Dakota Brown leather interior, the Carmel GTS captures chicness and charm like no other. Gloss Black 19” wheels, 6-speed auto transmission with paddle shifters and Brembo brakes make the Carmel GTS Vanderhall’s most rare, memorable, and luxurious autocycle. 

Since the beginning of Vanderhall Motor Works, Steve Hall has been devoted to diversity, stability, and beauty when it comes to designing vehicles. Hall envisioned incorporating vintage style and charm into a modern vehicle body through meticulous prototyping, and knowledge of the wants of luxury automobile enthusiasts. Hall was ultimately able to create a line of unforgettable autocycles and reinvent and reshape the hybrid-vehicle industry. Each of Vanderhall Motor Works’ vehicles has a one-of-a-kind, once-in-a-lifetime feel, making them a true novelty and symbol of luxury. 

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