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Seemingly less interested in hotel stay, vacationers have become more inclined to seek a getaway resembling a “home away from home.” Tucked away in the Litchfield Hills of Connecticut is Winvian Farm. 113 acres of estate are the grounds for 18 unique and individually designed cottages, a 40 foot swimming pool, luxury spa, five-star fine dining restaurant, and suspended 35 feet above it all, an exclusive treehouse. Aimed towards a more playful and youthful side, Winvian Farm caters to the child in all of us, with an adventure and surprise at every corner. Whether you’re looking for a more active retreat or just want to observe the foliage, a luxury getaway to Winvian Farm serves as an ideal setting to celebrate, reboot, or just enjoy the finer things in life.

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@winvianfarm – “Camping” Cottage

Many experienced travelers want something more than just accommodations. They are looking for a specific atmosphere that welcomes them just as if they were returning home. At Winvian Farm, where hotel rooms are replaced with cottages, they bring the homeyness to you. Cottages on location are diverse and offer a choice of 18 themes, each designed by 15 unique architects, which are tailored to accommodate any guest, no matter your preference.

Cottage themes like “Camping”, designed by John Martin Associates Architects, feature a high vaulted ceiling which during the day, mimics blue skies, and after sunset, resembles a starry night. The walls are accented with backdrops of trees, bringing the outdoors in, while large gaping windows remind you exactly what it’s like to be in the wilderness.

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@winvianfarm – “Treehouse”

The “Woodlands” and “Treehouse”, both worked on by architect Joseph Messick, reflect the natural elements surrounding them. “Woodlands” cottage uses materials such as tree trunks and stones, evoking an authentic, forest feel. The “Treehouse”, consisting of two stories, is better than any treehouse you could have ever dreamed of (as a child or adult). The excitement doesn’t stop at the climb, but continues throughout the layout, enhanced by rich colors and sharp angles. A full bar and steam shower are some of what elevates this treehouse above all others. But what’s most important, and the focal point of this design, are the exceptional tree top views, which shouldn’t (and can’t) be missed.

All cottages include amenities such as king-size beds, jacuzzi tubs, and fireplaces, a few even allow your pets to be a part of the trip. And what could make you feel more at home than that?


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What can be considered the highlight of any luxury getaway is the food. Executive Chef Chris Eddy offers a “seed-to-table” menu, with ingredients that are harvested daily and locally (sometimes right from their organic garden). In tune with the changing seasons and influenced by his French training, entrees for January 2016 included items like homemade parsnip ravioli with spinach and cauliflower, and homemade orecchiette pasta with a lamb ragout. At over 500 labels, any of these dishes can be properly paired with a wine from their eclectic cellar.

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If facials, mani-pedis, or underwater massages sound like something you might be interested in, then paying a visit to Winvian’s luxury spa will be worth your while. Participate in one of their private yoga classes, take a swim, or indulge yourself with a salt scrub. For pampering that extends beyond spa treatments, relax in their sun filled meditation lounge, take a seat in the sauna, or unwind with a cheese plate and champagne by the fireplace. However you like to destress and refuel, Winvian Farm will be sure to accommodate.

By Abby Montanez

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