Blue Rascal Distillery: Blueberry Capital

Coining the title of the self-proclaimed blueberry capital of the world sounds imaginary, however, Blue Rascal Distillery in Hammonton, New Jersey leverages this as the heart and soul of their business. Curtis Perone, Managing Director of the Blue Rascal Distillery in south Jersey advantages the harvested blueberries from one of the largest farms in New Jersey, Macrie Brothers Blueberry Farm. He was inspired to direct his farming roots toward a more prominent cause, designing a business dedicated to supporting local farmers and building bridges within the community he resides. With a mission to offer an enjoyable and relaxing atmosphere, guests are warmly welcomed at the Blue Rascal Distillery to enjoy unique spirits and locally-crafted cocktails.As for the strong foundations of any successful business, time, commitment, and a deep-rooted passion for providing the utmost exceptional services take time to evolve. Perone dedicated a persistent seven to eight years toward molding his expertise within the realm of the hospitality industry, fashioning his vision for Blue Rascal. Through extensive research and regular classes at New Liberty Distillery in Philadelphia, Perone adopted the intricacies of operating a distillery and the craftsmanship it demands. Blue Rascal Distillery first opened its doors in March 2021, a polarizing time for many entrepreneurs trying to navigate the uncertainties of their businesses. Not only did the pandemic halt paperwork from processing through the division of Alcoholic Beverage Control as government jobs were put on hold, yet the modernized equipment imported from Germany sat unscathed at a port in Philadelphia. While this would deter any novice business owner from feeling optimistic about the vision of their brand, Perone fiercely kept his head above water to mold what today is the accomplished Blue Rascal Distillery.

The facet of distilleries within the world of hospitality is easy to conform to and crafting specialty services in a pioneered industry seems quite intimidating. However, Perone accredits his sourcing of freshly grown blueberries to Blue Rascal’s unique spin on spirits and liqueurs. The blueberries are Jersey Fresh certified as 100% blueberries, and Blue Rascal Distillery’s Blueberry Brandy is accessorized with this certification. Jersey Fresh is a quality grading program directed toward helping farmers to inform their consumers about the fruits and vegetables grown in New Jersey. This agricultural marketing aligns with the quality of their ingredients and the purified flavor cascading from this harvested fruit is what infuses the cocktails at Blue Rascal Distillery with an unmatched taste.As of this year, Perone impressively used a harvested 4,5000 pounds of freshly-grown blueberries. When asked about the process of centralizing blueberries that saturate Blue Rascal’s hand-crafted liqueur, Perone details that the delicate fruit is processed, enhanced with sugar, and then fermented into a potent Blueberry Wine. Blueberries are also a pivotal player in Blue Rascal’s Blueberry Brandy and the bartenders integrate this liqueur into their seasonally-adapted menu alongside a selection of creatively-executed cocktails.
Blue Rascal Distillery is unique as it is the only distillery crafting a Blueberry Brandy from beginning to end with all fresh blueberries. There is always something new and revitalized at Blue Rascal with signature cocktails such as a Blue Cheese Martini accompanied by homemade blue cheese olives. The specially infused cocktails paired with a transitional, rustic ambiance is nothing short of a lively and fulfilling clientele experience. Perone partnered with local artists and craftsmen to execute the creative vision behind Blue Rascal’s interior design, centralizing an open-concept space. With a newly remodeled courtyard for guests to savor the crisp, fall air, Blue Rascal Distillery carefully and devotedly fosters an environment for exceptional services to grow as successfully as their blueberries. 

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