Faithfull The Brand: An Inspiration For Women

Faithfull The Brand: An EndeavorĀ To Community An Inspiration for Women

Australian Sarah-Jane Abrahams and Norwegian Helle Them-Enger met in Bali, Indonesia, and bonded over their mutual love for fashion, style, and a desire to see the world. Together the women have built Faithfull, their global fashion brand aimed at customers who are much like themselves and desire to be comfortably chic on their travels and at home. They share a commitment to the community and work with manufacturers in Bali to create hand-made garments for the modern woman and her off-duty life. The unique pieces are designed to be versatile and easy and inspire women to be well traveled and live inspiring lives.

Faithfull the brand swim

Mian Bikini Top – Plain Biscuit Textured, $85

Presley Bikini Bottoms – Plain Biscuit Textured, $95

One Piece Gingham Marigold, $189


Fonda Bikini Top – Mariposa Floral Print, $95

Brielle Pants – Mariposa Floral Print, $219

Maxime Bikini Top – Vacances Stripe, $95

Dylan Bikini Bottom – Vacances Stripe, $95

Farrah Bikini Top – Plain White Textured, $95

Marina Bottoms – Plain White Textured, $95

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Photo Credits: Brydie Macklin