Last-Minute Father’s Day Gifts 2021

The time for hug coupons and macaroni crafts is long gone, but it’s never too late to ensure your dad receives the ultimate Father’s Day gift(s). This year, you can guarantee Dad has the best Father’s Day. Everything from gliders to whiskey, VUE has you covered. Our team has taken the time to compile the perfect last-minute Father’s Day gifts every father will be sure to love.

The Chase

$145 – Andar

Most of the time technology and dads don’t mix well. Your father may be able to understand and dictate his way around technology, but somehow they are always destroying their devices! Just one accident can lead to repairs or replacements, and let’s just say no one is typically patient when it comes to their laptop repairs. However, this can easily be prevented with the help of a sturdy case for an extra layer of protection. So, consider getting dad this velvet case for his laptop to ensure the safety of his device when those occasional mishaps occur.

last-minute Father's Day gifts

Few Words Shave Drops

$52 – Biography

Sometimes, there is nothing like the gift of a clean shave. For a dad who wants to maintain his healthy complexion, this gift will prevent post-shaving nicks, bumps, and burns. Not only will this product make your skin smooth and moisturized in a few seconds, it also reduces any redness that may have appeared on your skin. For all those dads out there that don’t have facial hair, don’t feel left out! This product also works for any dads out there that don’t have facial hair, so dad’s skin can be smooth and well-nourished. 

last-minute Father's Day gifts

R1 British Racing Green

$125 – Bolin Webb

When dad goes in for a quick kiss on your cheek, don’t let his stubble get in the way.  With this Bolin Webb razor, every father can make sure that every hello and kiss goodbye is met with smooth skin.

last-minute Father's Day gifts

Bollinger Rosé

$94.95 – Champagne Bollinger

From the vineyards of Verzenay to your father’s hands, nothing says I love you more than a Rosé. With hints of red currant, cherries, and wild strawberry, this makes a perfect gift to be saved or paired with your Father’s Day dinner of lobster, crayfish, or salmon.

last-minute Father's Day gifts

Men’s Ultra-Soft Bamboo Jogger Pant

$97.30 – Cozy Earth

Whose closet doesn’t consist of comfortable clothing anymore, or did we not learn anything from 2020? These light and soft joggers can be worn all year round both in and out of his home. A pocket makes these perfect for carrying only the daily necessities, and the ventilated fabric allows dad to keep cool with its temperature regulation. Whether wearing these to lounge around the house or actually going outside for a walk, dad will surely appreciate this versatile piece of loungewear.   

last-minute Father's Day gifts 


$96 – Deckers

Shoes may be overlooked for Father’s Day, but these are sure to be the perfect gift, both stylish and comfortable for all those long walks on the beach. Now, Dad won’t be upset when he ends up lugging around the coolers and chairs across the sand.

last-minute Father's Day gifts

Tequila Añejo

$539.96 – Flecha Azul Tequila

If your father loves to party, this is the gift for him. Even though it’s 100 proof, it still tastes sweet! With hints of brown sugar and agave syrup, this is a tequila anyone will love. Have it with an old-fashioned or a Manhattan. 

last-minute Father's Day gifts

The Motorboat

$79 – Rhoback

This performance polo is fitting for fathers who live for putting around. The flexibility and elasticity of this quick-drying polo will surely enhance dad’s drive for each hole.

last-minute Father's Day gifts

HyperFlex BOA

$179.99- FootJoy

If your father is always on the green, this pair of golf shoes with the BOA Fit System is a must-have! Labeled as the #1 shoe in golf, these shoes offer ideal amounts of support and comfort for any athletic dad always ready to play. Plus, as an extra bonus, the waterproof mesh will keep his feet dry and keep him from slipping through his perfect swing.

last-minute Father's Day gifts

HyperFlex Pullover

$145 – FootJoy

As much as fathers everywhere enjoy their golf outing, getting a hole-in-one is not their only concern. Comfort is as important as your swing, and one can’t be great without the other. For Father’s Day, surprise your dad with a sleek golf pullover for all those days on the green.

last-minute Father's Day gifts

Glenmorangie Original 10 Year Old Single Malt Whisky

$46 – Glenmorangie

This 10-year-old whisky will help dad remember that some things only get better with age! Right in time for summer, this whisky featuring splashes of citrus, hints of peach, and dashes of other sweet ingredients is bound to make dad extra happy. He can drink it on its own or mix things up with a refreshing cocktail by the pool! 

last-minute Father's Day gifts

Highest Beauty

$600 – To Kalon Vineyard Company

What better accompaniment for your Father’s Day celebration dinner than a bottle of wine? Though we’re in Jersey, it doesn’t necessarily mean Napa is a six-hour plane ride away. This lovely Cabernet is sourced in Napa and will pair nicely with any savory entree on the menu. Don’t feel bad when dad forgets to say thanks before he starts pouring himself a glass.

last-minute Father's Day gifts

Make Your Move Canvas Prints Designed by Inktuitive

$289 – Inktuitive Connect

Just like chess, life is all about making moves. Life involves a lot of strategies, and since time never stops, each move you make along the way is important and purposeful. This creative and uniquely designed canvas print holds a message that lives far beyond the game itself. This year, give dad the gift of deep meaning and remind him to live his life to the fullest each and every day. Use this one of our last-minute Father’s Day gifts to help him never miss an opportunity to make a move!

last-minute Father's Day gifts

Large Toiletry Bag

$89.95 – ili New York

Whether going on a business trip or preparing for his next weekend getaway, this fashionable toiletry bag guarantees that dad’s washroom essentials can be organized and transported separately from the rest of his packing-list items. Its waterproof lining makes concerns over leakage, spills, and moisture a thing of the past, and it will do more than just hold all of Dad’s necessities with this stylish and sleek design.
last-minute Father's Day gifts

You, Me And A Cup Of Tea: Tea Gift Box #2

$167 – Samovar Tea

What better way to get Father’s Day started than a delicious and rejuvenating cup of tea! Not only does this bundle include five all-organic tea varieties but also a teapot, tea scoop and brewing guide, so dad can be sure to make his teas the right way.

last-minute Father's Day gifts

Hank Bucket Hat

$55 – J. Lindeberg

Didn’t you hear sun buckets are back in? This year keep dad shaded from the hot sun with this bucket hat for any fathers taking on the outdoors! With a built-in sweatband on the inside layer, this hat is perfect for any occasion. Fathers everywhere can enjoy soaking up the sun and continue all their outdoor activities.

last-minute Father's Day gifts

Kikori Whiskey

$46 – Kikori Whiskey

If you’re looking for a gift Dad will be sure to love, you can never go wrong with whiskey. It’s a Father’s Day staple for a reason. Not only is this whiskey fantastic on the rocks but each smooth sip carries a remarkable flavor that will impress dad. 

last-minute Father's Day gifts

TikiTunes Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speakers

$69.99 – Limitless Innovations

If the unique design and convenient portability of this speaker weren’t enticing enough, the quality of sound will surely seal the deal. This speaker is tiny but mighty and produces an excellent sound that will have dad fully equipped to listen to all his favorite tunes. Not only is this the perfect gift for Father’s Day, but every Dad will be able to rock out for the whole neighborhood to hear. 

last-minute Father's Day gifts


$169 – Moral Code

For dads looking to get dressed up and be comfortable, this pair of loafers can deliver the perfect balance of both! Whether being worn with semi-formal attire or with a casual outfit or jeans, the Ronan shoe can be matched with a wide range of looks and worn for a long time with ease.

last-minute Father's Day gifts

Morning Boost

$74.95 – Nucific

All children want to see their parents live a full and happy life, but sometimes, life can get in the way of making the best decisions for your health. That’s why a supplemental powder screams I love you! Not only does this supplement give you a day’s supply of vegetables but it also gives you that extra boost in the morning to get your day started, either for work or playing catch in the backyard. 

last-minute Father's Day gifts

Polo Cologne Intense

$70 – Polo

Cologne has always been one of the best go-to dad gifts, but depending on your father’s personal preference, it is hard to pick out the perfect scent for him. Yet, you can never truly go wrong will Polo by Ralph Lauren as part of your last-minute Father’s Day gifts. The distinct scents of grapefruit, sage, and patchouli will be sure to keep dad smelling good and fresh. 

last-minute Father's Day gifts

bright on®️ Pro Whitening System

$55 – Smile Direct Club

As the world begins to return to normal and our masks start to disappear, smiles will be back on display for all to see. Why not give dad a teeth whitening kit, so he can unveil a whiter and brighter smile than ever before? Help dad enjoy his smile just as much as you do. 

last-minute Father's Day gifts

Sandy Bumz

$29 – Sandy Bumz

Love the ocean but hate the sand? Unfortunately, the sand and water are typically a package deal, but now, we have you covered. For Father’s Day this year, be sure that Dad has the perfect beach day without looking like he has been rolling around in the sand. With Sandy Bumz, you can not only keep the sand away but it is easy to assemble, so it’s a great solution to keep the ocean and the sand separate. 

last-minute Father's Day gifts

ARCTIS PR Peerless High Resolution PC Gaming Headset

$179.99 – SteelSeries

Any of you with gamer dads can make his Father’s Day with this set of top gaming headphones. Its surround sound and noise cancelation combined with the best quality microphone will help to fully immerse dad into his game in the greatest ways possible. Plus, the brand has won more awards than any of their competition, proving them to be reliable and worth your purchase for your father this year.

last-minute Father's Day gifts

Reade Leather Laptop Backpack

$149.99 – Solo New York

Having so many gadgets to haul around can be a hassle for anyone, but this slim yet sizable device backpack could be precisely what dad needs. With the main compartment for his laptop and other small zipper pouches to fit his phone, tablet, and other accessories, he will no longer have any struggles carrying his tech around.

last-minute Father's Day gifts

Winter Summer Merino Wool Extra-Fine Half Zip Sweater

$375 – Paul & Shark

Even though the weather is warming up, this merino wool sweater is perfect for those cooler nights at the Jersey shore. The fine fibers offer softness and lightness, allowing your dad to put it to good use in both warm and chilly months of the year.

last-minute Father's Day gifts

Tushbaby Carrier

$79 – Tushbaby

This mention is possibly the greatest for new dads or dads with a new family addition. This wearable baby seat will let dad hold his little one longer and closer without even breaking a sweat. The fact that it is lightweight and machine washable make the Tushbaby a complete package for all those attentive fathers out there.

last-minute Father's Day gifts

Expedition Trail Edition

$89 – Vessel

For those dads that love to vape but hate low-quality batteries, Vessel has the perfect gift. From its charming design with interchangeable colored end caps for the personal flair to its long battery life and accompanying magnetic charging port, your father will cherish the lightweight design and carry it around everywhere!  

last-minute Father's Day gifts

Black Steel

$69 – Victorinox

Everyone around dad this Father’s Day will love the smell of this cologne just as much as he does. When welcomed into his warm embrace, you will surely notice the combination of earthy and spicy scents to give dad a bold fragrance that can be worn on any given day or occasion.

last-minute Father's Day gifts

So, what are you waiting for? Father’s Day will be here before you know it, and thanks to VUE, your list of options has been all planned out. All you have to do is get your card out! We can assure you that all fathers out there will be thoroughly impressed by whatever you choose from this list of the best last-minute Father’s Day gifts. To all those fathers out there, don’t be afraid to send any of these links to your kids for a subtle hint.

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