Wake up, grab the latest issue of your favorite magazine, and indulge yourself in that first sip of morning coffee. Somewhere in the Somerset suburbs, rays of sunlight sneak through skylights of a vaulted ceiling to illuminate a new day in this modern kitchen, designed by Aparna Vijayan of Ulrich, Inc. of Ridgewood.

While darker house furniture floods through the dining and family rooms, off-white antique maple cabinets envelop the kitchen for a light and airy touch in contrast to the home’s transitional décor. To complement the large framings of natural sky in skylights and oversized windows, the white cabinets and quartz countertops act as a canvas for the sea of custom blue Concetto and custom stained glass mosaic backsplash.

To tie in other elements of the home décor, the dark cherry-colored kitchen island is a showcase of the design. The beautiful blue Concetto agate stone is used for added interest in the attached circular eat-in counter. Set in a concrete base, the stone is featured in the same wheel design as the mullions of the glass cabinet doors. The agate hangs as an additional accent in the mantle hood. The concrete and agate are set on a column wrapped in stainless steel mosaic tile to tie in the touches of blue and white.

Utilizing the beautiful stonework is Vijayan’s favorite detail and the most eye catching part of the design. To enhance the stone’s natural translucency, backlit LED lights are programmed behind the stone to change the color tone while entertaining. A nickel and crystal chandelier shines down on the counter for traditional lighting to the modern Ulrich kitchen.