Modern Hues

Wake up, grab the latest issue of your favorite magazine, and indulge yourself in that first sip of morning coffee. Somewhere in the Somerset suburbs, rays of sunlight sneak through skylights of a vaulted ceiling to illuminate a new day in this modern kitchen, designed by Aparna Vijayan of Ulrich, Inc. of Ridgewood. While darker…

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Oceanfront R&R at Gurney’s Montauk Resort

Summer and sand simply go hand in hand. When the season calls, we migrate to dream destinations for some R&R as if ocean water can melt our problems away. But we don’t have to travel the world for an oceanfront getaway. Luckily, such a place is only a matter of miles away at Gurney’s Montauk…

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Trish McEvoy: Subtle Summer Makeup

Subtle Summer

Trish McEvoy founded her company when the only makeup tools available were compact sponge applicators that people nowadays throw away. She changed the makeup game by hand-cutting paintbrushes into specific shapes designed for better makeup application. Her husband, dermatologist Dr. Ronald Sherman, helped pair his medical expertise with her passion for beauty and open up…

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VUE Partners with Camus Cognac

You may have heard through the grapevine that Camus Cognac is coming to town. Recently, VUE has established a partnership with the 153-year-old family business. The company will be featured in upcoming print issues of VUE Magazine. The brand will also be represented at VUE launch events, beginning with a tasting at the VUE’s Summer Launch Party…

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Olympic Host Cities to Visit Before Rio 2016

Olympic Host Cities

Olympic Host Cities to Visit Before Rio 2016 In just a couple of months, athletes from around the world will be traveling to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to compete in the thirty-first Olympic Summer Games. You can also travel like a champion this summer to any of these gold-medal worthy locations. 1) Sydney, Australia (2000)…

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