VUE Partners with Camus Cognac

You may have heard through the grapevine that Camus Cognac is coming to town. Recently, VUE has established a partnership with the 153-year-old family business. The company will be featured in upcoming print issues of VUE Magazine. The brand will also be represented at VUE launch events, beginning with a tasting at the VUE’s Summer Launch Party at Sea.   

Founder Jean-Baptiste Camus originally worked as an independent winegrower, distributing to local cognac houses. In 1863, the twenty-eight-year-old organized the long-standing business under the brand “La Grande Marque” to preserve consistent quality of the original Camus Cognac. The business was created in their family home Chateau du Plessis in the heart of the Cognac Borderies in France.


Courtesy of Camus

The family’s original business values are now continued by the fifth-generation company head, Cyril Camus, who moved to the United States as a teenager to pursue a business degree from Babson College. Because he was under the legal drinking age, the heir to the Camus crown could not have any taste of home. His peers wanted to try the drink, but Camus Cognac was not distributed in the Americas. Luckily, things changed when Cyril returned to Cognac in 1988.

Camus Cognac currently distributes in over 140 countries, including the United States. The company credits its worldwide reputation to the complex flavors of the wine which pertain to all five senses. The cellar master creates this style by fusing eaux de vie from different vineyards and ages. To promote the consistent quality of the cognac, the production process has become an exact art. The brand takes pride in its proficiency of double distillation, leading to the wine’s aging process in specialized oak barrels.

Camus Cognacs

Courtesy of Camus

Their unique spectrum of cognacs can be tasted at upcoming local events and tastings to be announced.




Camus Cognac