Phorm: A Perfect Phit For You

The conventional realm of fitness has dipped its toes into a unique industry designed to encapsulate an intimate workout experience. Quite literally, Mark Steinfield, bravely dipped his toes into the oceanfront complex of Pier Village situated in Long Branch, New Jersey, proudly curating the brand Phorm. While there are investors in gyms themselves, there are also investors committed to planting the seeds of deep-rooted scientific expertise in physical fitness where Phorm flourishes. 

Mark Steinfield is a catalyst in the fitness industry; he started as an owner of Gold’s Gym in Howell, New Jersey, and ventured further east into Long Branch. Opting to stay with the location in Long Branch, Steinfield has been with Gold’s Gym for nearly 35 years as one of the original licensees, advancing his reputation. With years of expertise in the fitness industry, Steinfield strategically noted how post-pandemic, people apprehensively returned to the gym, still fearing the communal environment. The new fitness consumer began seeking the boutique studio experience in a more intimate space. He nurtured this concept of how to ease people back into the gym comfortably while offering exclusive, private training services unparalleled to its competitors at the stand-alone business Phorm. 

Phorm, a boutique fitness studio, offers an exclusive training experience paired with professional trainers certified by National Academies in Sports Medicine, elevating the traditional fitness experience. For just $299 a month, members of Phorm are presented with a selection from either private, one-on-one training or smaller group sessions with a maximum of four people. The workout quality is the same for both as a trainer will push you through carefully customized workouts. In affiliation with Phorm, all members are kindly granted free access to Gold’s Gym in addition to their sessions. The Gold’s Gym of Long Branch also settles in Pier Village, servicing guests with the flexibility to change the environment of their routine within walking distance. Memberships also permit a free, one-hour assessment with a certified trainer, free garage parking, and easy online appointment scheduling. Phorm also offers an app that issues daily workouts for members to follow at their convenience along with dietary recommendations executed by nutrition specialists. These additives are designed to optimize the fitness consumer’s ultimate experience with greater attention than those of traditional gyms. 

Phorm prizes itself on a revised model of fitness post-pandemic in accordance with the evolution of fitness. Steinfield detected the demand for luxury, private training which is the foundation of Phorm. For functional training, Phorm comprises resistant bands, kettlebells, dumbbells, medicine balls, and cable equipment to target the intricacies of muscle isolation. It is conceptually designed with synthetic turf as the gym’s focal point, fundamental for bodyweight training and functional movement. Phorm offers boxing courses instructed by a former professional boxer, an array of strength equipment, and cardio equipment, fully immersing itself in the functionality of a larger gym environment. With a maximum of 10 to 12 members occupying the gym at once, members are guaranteed the most exceptional training and attentive care when optimizing their physical health. 

Phorm is actively rebranding itself beyond what it is already successfully accomplished. When asked about plans for the future, Steinfield forecasts programming where trainers can offer their own specialized workout programs. He also plans to extend his branch of business into team building, allowing teams such as the mayor of Long Branch to use the facility for their meetings and then participate in team-building exercises. Phorm also looks to continue modernizing its equipment through vibration training with power plates, unlike other gyms in the area. With prime real estate on one of New Jersey’s finest beaches, Phorm plans to host specialty workouts in the warmer months on the Long Branch boardwalk. The studio also wants to cater to student-athlete training and mothers in post-natal recovery offering a space to those who may prefer to avoid the larger gym environment. Phorm is unlike any fitness facility with special amenities and a rare passion to elevate the fitness consumer’s experience in the gym. 

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