—An ‘80s love story in Communist East Germany that led to 2019’s best custom sailing yacht build. Photography by Stuart Pearce A strong and favorable wind fills the ship’s iconic sails. Its hull knifes through the rhythmic ballad of the Mediterranean Sea, each bounce an elegant bow into the crashing waves below. This graceful dance is…

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Dhahab: The Golden Dhow


—Explore the Gulf of Oman aboard Dhahab, a 90-foot sailing vessel. Six Sense Zighy Bay, located just northeast of Dubai in the sultanate of Oman, is known for its one-of-a-kind experiences. The five-star resort with 82 “village-inspired” pool villas showcases the rugged beauty of Oman, set between the calm waters of the Musandam Peninsula and…

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Yachting the Jersey Coast


Summer memories are best made on the ocean, and a good yacht is how you get there. New Jersey boasts 130 miles of popular Atlantic coastline. From the luxurious marinas overlooking Manhattan to the Victorian charm of Cape May’s boat docks, New Jersey offers hundreds of destinations where you can deboard and sit back to…

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Breaking the Current: Matt & Jessica Johnson

By Loannie Dao For most of their lives, Matt and Jessica Johnson led typical American lifestyles. Finishing college, starting a career, and buying a house were all in the cards for the two high school sweethearts. Not long after college, the couple found corporate type jobs — Matt in sales management and Jessica in the…

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Iconic Elegance: The Sea Ray L650

No matter where one may venture, whether it be to a tropical island or up and down the coast with family, buying a yacht with a solid build, expert design, and luxury features takes your journey to the next level. The Sea Ray L650 encompasses all of these qualities and more. Whether maneuvering effortlessly around…

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He Bought A Marina

Steve M. Israel was practicing law when he began syndicating properties. That is when an individual or company purchases a property by gathering the necessary capital from investors, who then own a percentage of the property, but leave management responsibilities with the syndicator. Or put more simply by Israel, “Syndication is when you have no…

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